The IML Story

Inventive Medical Ltd

The dedication of leading cardiac anesthesiologists at University College London Hospital to create a realistic simulation solution for a more effective way to teach cardiac anatomy and echocardiography, has been the driving force behind HeartWorks and the company that created it - Inventive Medical.

From the development of the most anatomically correct and realistic 3D heart to a range of fully interactive manikin based simulators , the HeartWorks systems are globally recognised as the most true-to-life and comprehensive educational tools for Transthoracic and Transoesophogeal echocardiography.

IML is a wholly owned trading subsidiary of University College London Hospital Charity. Together, our shared mission is to improve patient care by providing our healthcare professionals with high quality, relevant and transferrable learning experiences through simulation and on-line training material.

HeartWorks is the result of this mission. Students can now learn through interactive online content, the complete anatomy of the heart, view it from all angles and recognise patient cases with pathological conditions. They can then practice acquiring ultrasound images though correct probe positioning on a simulator, interpret those images to determine correct diagnosis and treatment, and finally be tested to ensure that all required competencies have been achieved to the highest standard.

The HeartWorks systems are the most highly valued and versatile teaching resources available to educators in cardiac anatomy and echocardiography today.