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Echocardiography Simulation - A Powerful Educational Tool

22nd January 2015

For an individual to gain competence even in basic focused echocardiography will take six months. Those with the ambition to educate trainees to gain this competence are trying to work out how to achieve this within a time limited and constantly expanding medical curriculum. The manpower, expense and time required for supervision and training is considerable. Echocardiography simulation as a means to accelerate and enhance traditional clinical teaching is therefore an appealing prospect.

This article looks at how this might be achieved and discusses some of the concepts involved.


Echocardiography… Fit for General Anesthesia?

16th December 2014

Dr. Nick Fletcher, Consultant Anesthetist and Cardiac Intensivist at St. Georges Hospital, London explores this question and examines echocardiography in a broader context  looking at how it can fit within general anesthesia and intensive care.


Bringing ultrasound into simulation with the NEW HeartWorks TTE Mobile

26th August 2014

Point of care ultrasound is becoming widely recognised among multiple clinical specialities, as a valuable diagnostic procedure that offers far-reaching benefits in managing patient care.

But while technological advances in recent years have increased the availability of easy-to-use, high quality imaging and lower cost ultrasound units, the training opportunities to develop the necessary skills to use them have been limited.