An effective assessment solution to test students’ performance of TEE procedures including interpretation of acquired ultrasound imaging and calculating measurements for assessing cardiac function.

Retaining the full functionality of the HeartWorks system, tutors can create standardised or customised tests for students to demonstrate that defined competencies have been achieved.

Product Overview | Technical Specification

Theoretical and practical assessments that can be standardised or customised

A quality debrief

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Setting and achieving standards in competencies

The HeartWorks START assessment tool is more than a test setting programme.  It allows students to learn from the examination process and will complement your echocardiography educational programmes.

Setting and Marking Tests

The HeartWorks START software provides extensive formatting flexibility when creating assessment tests. Tutors can create standardised or customised tests setting tasks for students such as:

  • Capture specified images with or without Doppler or M-mode.
  • Set interpretative questions and quantitative tasks relating to the acquired images.
  • Tests can be saved, annotated and archived to allow for a quality debrief
  • Intuitive software makes setting  and marking tests quick and easy.

Feedback Tutorials

  • Both students and tutors can retrieve test data anywhere through their secure log in and review all aspects of the test for a comprehensive debrief.
  • The full HeartWorks system functionality is retained allowing the tutor to interject at any point of the student’s recorded image captures to demonstrate specific teaching points and corrections.

Student Database Administration

Management of students in your educational programme is made easy with this aspect of the HeartWorks START system:

  • Tutors can access the administration database to look at students’ progress by referencing past tests that have been stored in the system.
  • New students can be easily enrolled and assigned a range of tests that have been created.

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