An ‘unusual project!’

The HeartWorks system owes much of its success to Inventive Medical’s (IML) close, collaborative partnership with GlassWorks. A technology-rich post production house, well known in the media world of special effects, GlassWorks stands out from its contemporaries as a company that enjoys the challenge of an ‘unusual project’.

Lateral thinking and innovative design

Approached by three Cardiac Anesthetists from University College London Hospital (UCLH), the HeartWorks idea was just such a project! Asked to create a 3D anatomically correct and beating ‘virtual heart’, which could generate accurate 2D ultrasound images; the GlassWorks team accepted the challenge with no real idea initially as to how it might be achieved.

Three years of almost daily contact between their software designers and the anesthetists followed. The result – HeartWorks – the market leading simulation system, which many healthcare institutions around the world  are familiar with today.

Exploring new ideas

GlassWorks remain a valued and integral part of IML’s HeartWorks project as together, we continue to develop effective simulated learning tools for healthcare professionals who require a working knowledge of cardiac anatomy and echocardiography.