GateWay is a 12 or 24 month software support and subscription service. It ensures that you have access to IML’s software support services as well as ensuring that your HeartWorks system or systems remain up to date  with new releases during the subscription period.

Product Overview | Technical Specification

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Benefits of GateWay

  • Software support service and Help Desk
  • New pathology module releases
  • Doppler and measurement tool enhancements
  • Anatomical updates and revisions
  • Software version releases
  • System updates and bug fixes
  • A substantial price advantage over separate purchases

What will I get in a subscription period?

HeartWorks GateWay subscribers will receive the following updates and modules during the course of an annual subscription period:

  • 2 x Software releases per year which will include a combination of pathology modules, Doppler and measurement tool updates and current pathology module enhancements.
  • 2 x Software version releases for system updates and fixes as well as any anatomical updates and revisions to the HeartWorks range of software packages.
  • Access to the Software support Help Desk and support team.

How do I subscribe to GateWay?

To enjoy the benefits of HeartWorksGateWay, contact Sandy Stanton, Operations Manager on (+44) 203 447 9360 or email:

Technical specifications do not apply to this product.