The most in-depth and realistic simulation of the heart available today.

Users will acquire a detailed knowledge of the heart anatomy and cardiac structures  through this freely interactive computer generated model of the human heart, which includes a comprehensive anatomy text with over 160 separate intra-cardiac structures labelled and described.

The animation of the heart is truly amazing, it’s like working with the real thing.  Exquisite.

Professor Robert Anderson

Emeritus Professor of Cardiac Morphology Institute of Child Health

HeartWorks Cardiac Anatomy Module
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Viewing and Zoom Options

Freely and easily controlled by keyboard & mouse, the animated heart has the capacity to be freely rotated around any axis and sliced in any plane. The internal and external viewing options and wide range of zoom enhance this and there is the ability to vary and synchronise the heart rate to an ECG trace.

Cardiac Encyclopedia

Incorporated into the system is a comprehensive encyclopedia of cardiac anatomy. Over 160 separate intracardiac structures have been labelled and anatomically annotated. Any selected structure can be simultaneously highlighted in the text and displayed within the 3D model.

Enhancing Lecture Presentations

Selected screen displays, still or animated, may be stored as slides, with impressive automatic transition between images within a slideshow. When relayed to an external projector, lecture presentations become more dramatically enhanced and engaging.

  • Comes pre-installed on a desktop or laptop
  • Fully functioning anatomic textbook with 160 Cardiac Structures
  • 3D heart model, fully interactive
  • Available pathology models